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The Importance of Cushioned Floor Backing.

Let us start by saying that contact with the floor creates more physical stress on the body than people think, and of course, there are more things that can be far more destructive than walking or standing, but we walk and stand every day of our life’s, in the workplace, in our house, in the […]


For starters, what does LVT mean? LVT is an abbreviation for Luxury Vinyl Tile and VCT is an abbreviation for Vinyl Composite Tile. While offering similar looks, the two differ in terms of material makeup, cost, and installation. Designers can achieve more advanced visuals and sizes with LVT, allowing them to create more impactful environments […]

Interior Design Ideas from USA Libraries

In these modern times, the interior design of libraries can be a valuable community or school resource for everyone to enjoy. They are three basic design elements that are considered essential for creating a successful library facility, Acoustics, light, and color, once you managed to integrate these three elements in one amazing design the result […]

Flooring for Healthcare Industry

When it comes to the healthcare industry, whether they are clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care, or private practices, the material of the floors is especially important, fortunately, there is a wide variety of designs that meet key standards and requirements. We are going to break down which are the most used and recommended types […]

Carpet tile installation patterns

Carpet tiles are available in a wide variety of colors and designs, but they have another great benefit, they can also be installed in a variety of different patterns. Every pattern depends on the type of carpet tile, some patterns are for carpet squares and others are for carpet planks, let’s look at the different […]

Big USA firms use carpet tile

When it comes to office flooring, carpet tiles are the choice for many businesses due to their versatility in design, easy installation, storage, and many other benefits. Let us look at big companies that use carpet tiles in their offices. PKWARE in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This carpet tile in different shades of orange adds a relaxed […]

Commercial Flooring Mistakes

The flooring you choose when renovating or building your commercial space can have a huge impact on the indoor environment. Many companies make mistakes that result in loss of money and time, so you must be careful when choosing a floor for your business. One of the most common mistakes companies make when selecting flooring […]

LVT Wear layer Facts.

If you are wondering what wear layer is and why it is such an important consideration when choosing a new LVT flooring, You came to the right place! The Wear Layer is a clear layer that covers the print layer of an LVT plank, protecting it from scuffs, scratches, and any other routine wear & […]

Differences between commercial carpet squares and planks

Commercial carpet tiles come in a wide variety of designs, colors, and patterns, but with regard to size and shape, they are two common types of carpet tiles. The first one is SQUARES, this is the traditional option and the most common, flooring manufacturers normally offer tree sizes of square carpet tiles: 1) 39.4″ x […]

Advantage of Carpet tile flooring in classrooms

Your Choice of flooring can affect the noise levels, comfort, cleanliness, and aesthetics of a classroom, and all these factors make an impact on the environment of the classroom. Here are five advantage of choosing carpet flooring for your classrooms: 1) FLOORING THAT LOWERS NOISE LEVELS The link between academic performance and high noise levels […]