Carpet tiles are available in a wide variety of colors and designs, but they have another great benefit, they can also be installed in a variety of different patterns. Every pattern depends on the type of carpet tile, some patterns are for carpet squares and others are for carpet planks, let’s look at the different patterns for each.

Carpet tile squares.

1) Monolithic

In this carpet tile installation, all the carpet tile squares are installed in the same orientation.

2) Brick

The rows of the carpet tile squares are off-set by half a tile’s width, creating a brick-like pattern.


3) Ashlar

This is similar to the brick layout, but rather than off-setting each row by half a tile’s width, it’s each column that’s off-set by half a tile, creating a vertical brick-like pattern.

4) Quarter-turn

In this installation method, carpet tiles are installed in organized rows and columns, but each tile is rotated approximately 90 degrees compared with the tile before it.

Carpet tile Planks.

With carpet tile planks you can apply installation patterns like the Carpet squares such as Monolithic, Ashlar and Brick, plus two more:

1) Herringbone

This is a popular installation choice for carpet planks, as it creates a distinctive pattern.

2) Basketweave

Carpet tile planks are installed in groups of four, so that the pattern resembles a woven pattern.

The type of installation pattern you want to use is related to the type of flooring, the design, the color and other characteristics that should be consulted with professionals. Americarpet has more than 35 years in the flooring business and we are qualified to help you find the carpet that best meets your needs.