Milliken Floor Covering is a part of one of the largest privately-owned companies in the world, Milliken, whose goal, according to their homepage, is to find “creative ways to enhance people’s lives and make the world around us easier, safer, more sustainable and more beautiful”

Milliken offers:

Expertise: Milliken has been in the business of innovation since 1865. That’s over 150 years dedicated to creating the best products, and over 150 years of improving on them.

Flexibility: Milliken Floor Covering provides carpeting, rugs, and mats for commercial businesses, so no matter what your needs, you can be sure that Milliken will meet them.

Customization: Even if none of their available patterns please you, Milliken’s patented carpet printing machine is capable of coloring carpets not only in the wide variety of colors and designs mentioned above but is able to change its design at the turn of a hat, allowing you to make-to-order your carpet, exactly how you want it.